Since 1988 our company has been working in textile sector with fabric.
Once we gather enough information about the fabric it was time to astablished our brand as a fashion firm.
Starting from 1994 has been producing women clothes. Having gained great experience we become one of the leading companies of the branch.
Beginning from first years company has been producing evening dresses and clothes and in 2000 we began to produce wear with Explosion sport line.
From the beginning, our aim was to make Explosion a globally known brand and to achieve this goal, we have been working with full effort and discipline. We have been attending Fashion Exhibitions around the world and in 2006 we had won the award of Unistyle Fashion Award from Moscow.
Marketing of Explosion in Russia gave us great success and with that experience we began to attend the exhibitions in England with our new marketing team, and with more passion. Since 2014, we started attending Pure London exhibition in Great Britain.
In 2015, we decided to established an agency in the UK with positive feedback that we gain from the Pure London. And our Explosion London adventure has begun.
Change is law of life. We presented our new logo.
There are many things which bring Explosion to this days-specific fashion, discipline, hard working and experiences. Explosion creates their own style with their modelists and from now on Explosion continue working hardly. We are always keep watching international fashion fairs and organizations. Updating technological investment is also one of the important aims of the company. This improves the quality of products. Explosion is a trade mark of Nur Dogus Wear Industry and Trading Jo. Co.

We export goods over 35+ countries.

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